Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Computer is Down

I have not disappeared, my computer is giving me problems. I shall return and try to catch up ASAP. I am using Meg's computer briefly.

Surgery is roaring down the track at me. I went to meet with an anesthesiologist today, who explained about the special nerve block they will be putting in. Friday I see my surgeon's PA, who will explain the surgery more. Then next week I go to pre-admittance testing. My parents arrive on the 11th, leave the 16th, and the surgery is two days later.

When I ge back online, I will publish the finished letter to t hospital, which I mailed off Tuesday.

Blessings, Margo


Judith HeartSong said...

my love to you my good, strong friend.


Becky said...

Hope the PC comes back from the dead! If I don't get the chance...good luck with the surgery again! It's going to be pretty hectic around here for a while so my ability to read and comment may vanish for a bit.