Sunday, August 06, 2006

And Unto Me a Grandchild was Born

Yes, I am still alive and doing okay and living in SE CT. And yes, I am a grandmother! Meg had her baby by C-section on June 15th, and I feel so blessed that I got to be in the room, holding her hand while the baby was delivered. A girl! Meg had kept her secret up till the end. I watched the baby emerge from the incision, and, after they weighed and sectioned and wrapped her up, I was the first one to hold her, to bring her over to Meg to see. Meg named her Myla.

I am overjoyed. I spent the first 10 days "sleeping" on Meg's couch, helping when I could, and going home during the day to sleep. I am grateful that she live a half a mile up the road, so I can go over most days to hold Myla, and that Meg doesn't mind my dropping in.(I always call first, though.)

Meg's boyfriend, Adam, seems to be taking on the role of daddy, although she was already pregnant by artificial insemination when she met him. He lives and works in RI, and comes down on weekends. I give then privacy on weekends, but cannot wait for Mondays, so I can go over and hold Myla and sing nursery rhymes to her. I have also taught her to stick out her tongue, as my mother taught Meg ast the same age.

Babies are amazing, and the fact that Meg(at 34) is old enough to have one is still amazing to me. I love that I was there at the moment she crossed the line from maiden to mother, archtypally speaking, and felt myself becoming even more of the Crone, even though my menses stopped long ago. This is not bad, for the Crone carries the archetype of wisdom, and I hope to grow into the role more as I age as gracefully as possible.

As for everything else, well, Rene is still shutting me out, and I now understand that I was making big changes, and as she struggles with change, I may have beeen something of a threat to her. I still love and miss her, but have pretty much accepted that she's gottta do what she's gotta do, and am moving on with my life.

The summer has been filled with physical therapy, and chiropractry, and my regular round of doctor's appointments, with some massage therapy and accupuncture thrown in, because I think alternative therapies do help. I saw my surgeon, Dr. Bell,for my one year after gastric bypass appointment. I have lost over 180 pounds since my heaviest in April '05, and am a shadow of my former self!My annual bloodwirk came out alright, and I have an appointmrent with a plastic surgeon, though I probably have to have the shoulder surgery before I can excize the incerdable rolls of skin and left over fat that weigh me down now.

I am sorry, yet again, it has taken me so long to post. I seem to go through periods of inertia when it comes to the computer. After a few days away, I am overwhelmed by all the e-mails, and cannot find the energy to catch up. Plus the dining room, where my computer is, is not air conditioned, and I am definitely not a summer person. Some days I feel trapped in the living room, where I run an old air conditioner practically full time.Thank you for you concern and e-mails to me, asking how I am. They make me realize how much my friends out here in computerland mean to me, and I an grateful to all of you.

Blessings, Granny Margo :)