Sunday, March 02, 2008

After Surgery, briefly

Thank you, everyone, for your care, concern and blanket of love. I went into surgery more relaxed than ever before. I had every confidence in my choice of surgery, the surgeon, the hospital and my own preparation, which included all of you who were so kind to wrap me in that blanket of love in whatever way seemed right for you. Damned good thing!

The surgery was, indeed a success, but not an easy one. They carved out eight pounds of skin and trapped fat, took out Meg's C-section scar, found and fixed a small hernia at the bottom of my pouch, and generally marched through my abdomen like the Calvary coming to my rescue. Alas, there was a bit of collateral damaged. I lost over 800 cc of blood, took forever to come out of anesthesia, had blood pressure that kept threatening to bottom out, and ended up with four units of blood over two days.

So I got to spend an extra day or two at Yale/New Haven Hospital, miserable, but healing well, and finally made it home early this evening. Yes, despite the unexpected setbacks, I am well enough to be home alone four days after surgery.

I will write again later this week, when I have recovered a bit more. Meanwhile, Thanks again, everyone, I truly did feel peaceful and blessed as I lay on a gurney, wrapped in a powerful blanket of love.

Blessings to all,

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Becky said...

I'm so glad to see you are home! I've been thinking about you. It doesn't sound like things were easy, but I hope you'll be pleased with the results in the end...once you heal and swelling goes down.