Friday, October 26, 2007

Road Trip, Part One, 9/27/07

I am definitely on my journey, staying in Atlantic City in the Resorts Hotel. Despite living half way between two of the biggest casinos in the Western Hemisphere, I had never stayed in a casino hotel before, and it is very grand. My room is as big as my living room and dining room combined!I am trying to pick out one piece of joy for each day.

Monday it was crossing the Tappen Zee bridge, which is sowide and amazing with the sun glinting off of it. I could picture Dutch settlers moving up river into the wilderness and grinned like a fool. Tuesday's joy was standing in the Atlantic Ocean, as the tide came in washing oven my feet and legs, then digging a hole around my feet with the backwash. I kept moving sideways so as not to roll into the surf, shallow as it was.Yesterday, Wednesday's joy was meeting Mort.

For those of you who read his journal, he is just as he portrays himself: a nice guy, a gentleman, the kind of man who would use his two days off the show me around the city. We started talking the moment we met, and did not stop for hours! Last night we ate in the Rain Forest Cafe, looked at lots of sights, then he was kind enough to take me to show me the bar complex in which he works. The man had gotten off work at 9 AM that morning, slept a few hours, then took me back there 12 hour later, on his night off because I asked. A nice guy.Today, eventually, we will get together, and he'll show me more!

Tomorrow I head for the DC area to meet up with Judi and Virginia. Am really looking forward to it.I am finding the long distance driving difficult-I have to stop a lot, and listen to the guided imagery tape on relieving pain that Robin gave me, It slows me down a lot, but I'm going to be okay, which has been nice to learn. I must make this short-I am using the hotel computer, because my borrowed one wouldn't work here with their system. It is Adam's computer, and he set it up to be very protective of it, which is fine for him, but frustrating for me!

Blessings to all, Margo
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