Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not So Good Day

Today has been a bad day-I have been hurting more than the last week or so. And I am once again feeling sad and lonely. I guess the two probably go together. I am down to taking pain pills twice a day (along with the fentynal patch I've been on for three years now), and spent the first half of the day waiting until the pain hit a level five and a half to take my first pain pill of the day.

I spent all day catching up on e-mail, going to various favorite sites and trying to convince myself that I am fine, just fine. And of course, in one way, I am fine. I saw my surgeon last week, and he was delighted, not to mention amazed that this long time diabetic healed so well (the incision, that is) and without any infection. He was beaming when he left, and was even nice to my worker's comp worker, who turned up to make sure I actually did have the surgery and am not ripping off the system.

Actually, she's okay, and has enabled me to take a cab to and from physical therapy, so I can go back to the people with whom I rehabbed the first time. Luckily I love them, because it will be a long, painful project. Ugh. On the other hand, I get the excitement of leaving the house twice a week, and even the 15 minute ride is out of the house! And it is 15 minutes, both ways! Such wild excitement.

I know that such good worker's comp treatment will end all too soon-probably by the end of the week, for I "ought" to be driving by now-never mind that I don't feel safe doing so. Not only will my free rides end, but my aide, too. Alas, I am still afraid of taking a shower alone, because if I am unsteady getting in or out, my first response is to reach out to brace myself with my right arm. A real no-no.

Part of my problem today is probably because Christmas is fast approaching, a difficult time for me.

Never mind, I've done my therapeutic crying for today, and tomorrow is almost here, and no doubt be better, or at least different.

Blessings, Margo


Becky said...

{{{{Margo}}}} Do you have a shower chair? I had one after my surgery. It made for something sturdy to grab on to and a place to sit and rest while I showered (an exhausting process). I'm wishing you pain free days, my friend.

christapaz said...

Precious Margo, I am so glad for your progress, but this must be a hard holiday season for you with Rene being gone and feeling so rotten. I have faith that you will overcome your physical weakness, and that the new year will bring you joy! love, christa

hestiahomeschool said...

I second the shower chair...I used one last year after the hysterectomy and it was a life saver...but I know you are sad and frustrated...I wish you lived closer to us!