Monday, September 18, 2006

OMG-Surgery! Whine, Whine, Piss, Piss

Human beings-and I here I mean me-are funny creatures. I spent the whole summer waiting for my shoulder surgery to be scheduled, complaining that I need it done, the time couldn't pass quickly enough, all I wanted was a date.

Well, I have a date, October 19th, and now it feels as if that date is a train barreling down a track straight at me, and there will never be enough time to prepare. Food, toilet paper, paper towels, arrangements to make, the need to open cans and jars and cook with my left hand.

And the pain. I remember how much pain there was after the doc I grew to hate put the rod in. And how he belittled the pain. Later, after the Yale Pain Clinic had diagnosed me with chronic pain, I asked the surgeon if he had ever had a broken bone, or had any period of pain in his life, and he admitted he hadn't. That was my last visit with him and soon he left the practice.

This time, a doctor I know and trust will remove the screws and the rod (if possible) which have been impinging on my rotator cuff, and then clean out the rotator cuff, for good measure. Oh, joy, I cannot wait to see if the surgery riles up my neuropathy, which runs down my forearm and into my hand. Neuropathy pain sucks.

Yes, my anxiety is rising, and the whole thing is bringing up hospital flashbacks, and acute loneliness, for I will come home to an empty house.( Except for Roxy, of course). Meg will be working 60 to 70 hours a week at our local nuclear power plant, mandated during the planned shut down (for refueling and double checking every piece of equipment). This will go on through November, and she will have enough on her plate with the new baby and her 12 hour work days.

My friend Peggy is working full time, and I will need to have outside help come in, to help with bathing, dishes, etc. And a nurse to come in to check for infection. And the final blow is that I won't be able to drive for six weeks, so I'll have to miss my weekly therapist's appointments, at the time I need to see her he most.

Well, this has turned into a finely miserable entry. It feels as if all I do is spew anxiety and then whine about it! I know that patients who go in with a positive outlook do better in surgery and healing, so I had better get my rear in gear and start to fake positivity a little better, so I can make it through!

Hope you all are hanging in. I certainly will.

Blessings, Margo


ChasingMoksha said...

Could you possibly do phone therapy. When my daughter when in Texas for a month, she and her therapist would do a phone session.

I'm thinking about. I am glad you are having someone come in.

Virginia said...

Oh my! We will be thinking of you during all this and hoping that everything goes smoothly and the time passes quickly.

Peace, Virginia

Becky said...

I was going to suggest phone therapy too. And the image of you trying to open cans with one hand is just killing me. For heavens sake, either treat yourself to prepared meals delivered at home ( -my first choice- or or )

Zone has a 28 day lifestyle menu that takes care of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Heat and eat in the micro. Very easy and diet friendly and tasty.

I sympathize with you. I have a Mom ready to come stay with me and a very attentive husband ready to take as much time off as possible to help me after surgery and I'm STILL petrified. :-(

hestiahomeschool said...

we will be here for you, in spirit at least...